From the Complaints File - San Rafael Twilight

Okay, you wanted something more to this Forum than race ads, you got it.

Here's my latest b-tch: The San Rafael Twilight Crit/Race/Classic, whatever.

I'll start positive ... it's a GREAT race. It is, in fact, the reason I upgraded last season to a 2, 'cause the pro/1/2 race was soooo fun to watch in '07 that I wanted in. And I know that they can be touted as the race promoters of the new millenium and that they've got all the bells and whistles on the website and know all the tricks, but why are they so d-mned secretive?

Why have they blocked the SBO function that tells us who's preregistered to race?

Why don't they show the prizes for the other-than-pro fields? Is that their way of avoiding the San Jose Ripfest discussion?

But most bothersome, where are they posting their USAC-USCF-NCNCA-ZBRA-required race information?!? Where is the race flyer? And why are the rules not being enforced against these hot-shots with the same particularity as they are against the neighborhood corporate park crits? Because their webpage is FLASH-Y?

Hey, I love this race. It's expensive to enter notwithstanding a ton of sponsorship money, and it doesn't offer a category for a lot of very very loyal and numerous racers (ie the 45's), but neither - inexplicably - do the Velo Promo crits. But at least they're cheap.

But much as I want to just give this race the wet zebra-lapping of approval, I have to ask why these guys insist on being so cagey?

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