Communication With the Board of Directors

There are several ways to communicate with the NCNCA Board of Directors.

Issues Related to Functional/Operational Roles
If you have a question, concern, comment or suggestion for a Board Member related to their functional role, please contact that Member directly via e-mail. For instance if you have concerns about the website or Webex Connection to the Association Meetings that would fall under my operational role so you would contact me at A complete list of e-mail contacts can be found at:

Motions/Action Items/Requests
If there is an item that you wish the Board of Directors to consider you may do so in one of two ways, e-mail or in person at the Association Meeting. If you wish to e-mail a motion/action item/request you may do so by sending an e-mail to The request will be responded to with a Word document that helps to format the request for proper consideration. This request will be forwarded to the NCNCA Secretary who will log the request. The matter will be taken up in order of priority at either the next Board of Directors Meeting or subsequent ones as time permits. We are still detailing this process but we intend responsiveness to requests including informing the author of disposition. That disposition may be a Board vote, denial (such as a motion to build a velodrome in Hanford), referral to committee or placement on the Association Meeting Agenda for Member Club Vote or other dispositions not listed. We are still perfecting this process and it will take some time to become efficient. We respectfully request your patience.

You may also submit your request, in person, at any Association Meeting. As we get the Webex connection perfected then this would extend this to those accessing the Association Meeting remotely.

Public Comment
At the next Association Meeting we will be have a Public Comment agenda item. This is an open microphone to allow public comment of any person attending, time permitting. Comments are limited to one minute and are subject to guidelines for decorum present in Robert's Rules. Use common sense.

This is not intended to remove good old-fashioned face to face conversation or phone calls, when possible. We are not attempting to be overly formal but rather detail ways to have your concerns addressed in a predictable manner. Don't be shy. Use these methods for best results. Proposing an idea to a Board Member at the starting line of a race may not get acted upon!

If this is at all unclear or if you have questions feel free to comment here or contact the Board at for clarification.

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