Clydesdales on stampede -- uphill.

I would compete in those nasty hillclimbing races if there was a clydesdale division, 'cause I think I'm the biggest, nastiest, climbinest zebra-assed dude around.

And to prove it, I will race your steep races and pay your race fees if you just give me a chance to race among my own species. Otherwise, you will never ever see me on your start lists.

And at the risk of sounding very Kirstie Alley, I think I have a bunch of big buddies who might take that challenge.

They do it in mountain biking, why not on the road? I'm only talking about the climbing races, where weight can be a far more divisive and determinative element than category or age.

You can mix us in with the juniors or the gals if you don't want to add an extra time slot.

It's the only way you're getting my money, so why not try it?

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