Chip Question: Out-of-towner

I'd like to travel up to NorCal for some Master's racing. Looking at race flyers I've found comments like "chip required" and a link to the NCNCA website for details. I found none there and posted a question to someone who forwarded the question to someone else who never responded. Was hoping a forum reader might help so here goes: How do I get a chip for one or two races if I'm coming in from SoCal? Something I don't want to do is spend a lot of time on raceday at an unfamiliar site sorting out a widget which I need to attach to my bike.

As an aside, I read through the other thread regarding chips and it wasn't encouraging. I worked at our club's annual race this year and checked in riders from all over the country as well as Mexico and Denmark. Can't imagine how messy that would have been to square away extra hardware for each of them. -pat

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