Chico E 4/5 Crash, Thanks!

I had the unfortunate experience of bridging the gap before the feed zone and had a rider come up on my left and move right in a hard and abrupt fashion. My wheel was in the way and I went down hard. All this on the last lap..

I wanted to thank all those that came to my aid and took me to the hospital as I was certainly not thinking well (helmet was shattered, left temporal and occiput area).

Mike Cordova from Chico Corsa (Gino who told him there was a crash), came from the feed zone is his car and transported me to the S/F where an angel from Velo Promo took me to the ED in Red Bluff. I certainly appreciated their help, I would have sat on the side of the road for hours confused without them.

Nothing broken, a load of road rash and a few bits to fix on my bike. That Mavic wheel warrenty is the best as they are fixing/replacing my front wheel, no questions asked.

Minus the mishap, the race was great....thanks for all that helped me out. Sorry I had to miss the crits the following day.

Ed Matthews
Eagle Race Team

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