Cherry Pie's ultra-master category. YOU decide.

GOD, I just love you guys!

Cyclists are so ready to engage a discussion and debate. We are so much more interesting than baseball players or bowlers.

We got a little tangential, so I started a new thread.

About Cherry Pie: We had to lose the hill. The City opened a public swimming pool in one of the potholes on the course. No, really.

Actually, we weren't sure if the course was feasible with the new hotel having opened on the course. So after a dozen or more people said "Why don't we do a town race instead?", I decided to make it happen.

But believe me, NOTHING IS LOST ON THIS COURSE. This may turn out to be one of the great technical crit courses in NorCal! We have actually adjusted it from what appears on the website ( because of downtown business concerns. It is now a 3/4 mile, 6 corner crit with three successive rolling bridges -- the last one a shotgun blast to the finish line.

The visibility for the spectators is extraordinary. From any of the bridges you can watch 2/3 of the course, including 4 corners. In fact, there's one spot where you can watch 5 corners and the sprint finish! But I won't tell you where ...

There are 14 restaurants, a brewery and a racing bike shop along the course. (Napa River Velo sponsors the Eagles and Team Spine)


Now, about the categories ... we are part of the Juniors series, so we have to give them two cats. We traditionally have a recumbent race, and it would have been politically unwise for me to end that. And we are having a womens' field. We've also segregated the Cat 5's from all fields and made them mentored (as a continuation of Early Birds).

But you're right -- I should put our money where my mouth is and make the 45+/55+ race a cat 3/4 field. I'll talk to Casey about whether ERT can still change it.

I'll attach another poll hereto and do what the majority prefers for the Cherry Pie masters' category, if possible. The poll will close Dec. 22. (The choices will be limited to 45/55+ open and 45+/55+ 3/4's, because I strongly believe that 5's should only race in a training category until they have 10 under their belts -- especially for an early and technical race like Cherry Pie).

Just one more thought about the 45+ 3/4 and 3/4/5 cats: Have you all been cognizant of what the AMD/Discovery Masters Team looks like next year? The concerns I voiced last year about the open 45+ field will be doubly pertinent this year. We aging 3/4 sods are going to be raped and pillaged by the uber-goths!!

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