CHEATERS at Sea Otter 30+ 123 Circuit Race-Dan Vinson,Werts

[/b]Dan Vinson (la grange) and Travis Werts (gran fondo team) are big time cheaters.

Beware when you race with them. Travis did it about 3 times, and Dan only once or twice but on the last lap, come ON! both riders were dropped on the hill. The race instructions were that lapped riders could ride at the BACK of THEIR field. but not mix in.

What do these clowns do, they wait near the top of the climb on the last lap and join in on our 10 man chase group, chasing a 5 man breakaway. I wouldn't have been so mad, if both riders hadn't tried to mix it up in the field sprint. WHAT IDIOTS. there is no excuse. Have more respect to the riders in the field who weren't dropped.

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