Central Valley Classic update - flyers are up!

The race flyers for the 2007 Central Valley Classic are available on the website. Registration will open once we get the permit number from USAC.

The theme for 2007 is something old, something new, something borrowed, and please no freaky cold rain, sleet or snow. Here's what we are doing this year:

1. Benefitting Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Central California Blood Center

The proceeds from last year's event went to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This year our beneficiaries are LLS and CCBC. Might have the DonorMobile out at one of the events, deposits only. We are a non-profit race committee and fully support the efforts of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise funds for more research into finding a cure for blood diseases, and the Central California Blood Center's efforts to give life where it is needed.

2. Timed stage race

We have moved from the Omnium format to a timed stage race. Because it is our first year handling a GC, we have limited the stage race to these 4 fields: Pro/1, Pro1/2 Women, Elite 2, and Masters 35+ 1/2/3. Things go well and registration is good, it may be open to everyone in 2008.

3. Brand new road race course (new to the Central Valley Classic anyway)

This race will be on Friday and will be the first stage of the stage race. Those of you that remember the old Pro/1/2 Madera RR course from several years back, it will be very familiar to you. Starts and finishes in the town of Raymond, 34 mile loop, ~ 2500' of climbing per lap. This is a legitimate national-level road course that has a little bit of everything: long gradual climbs, shorter steep pitches, wicked fast descents, rolling terrain, some bad pavement, some good pavement, some narrow roads, and ~ 2 miles of flats. We are calling it the Granite RR because a) it will be hard, and b) there is a large granite quarry nearby.

4. Time Trial open to everyone

There were so many positive comments about the quality of the Belmont-Piedra TT last year that we decided to move the TT to Saturday and open it up to everyone, not just the stage racers. We will encourage the use of aero equipment this year, and because the stage racers will the first guys off, you afternoon racers will know what the early fast times of the day are. You've always said you're faster than "the champ", now prove it. In addition to the stage race categories, we have several masters and juniors fields, and a tandem class. The course is 16.5 miles of flat to kinda flat road.

5. Tree Fresno "Run thru the Trees"

We are starting out the festivities at the criterium on Sunday with a 2.5-mile and a 4-mile run, sponsored by the nonprofit group Tree Fresno. The 2.5 mile event is part of the "Runner of the Year" series in Fresno. If you or your mates are into this kind of thing, we got it for you in 2007.

6. Same Tower Crit

Same course as the previous 7 years. Last year's pro finish had the top 4 guys seperated by the width of a tire... no joke. Legit course, lots o’ fun, and held in a great older neighborhood. Starbucks on the course, independent coffee shop across the street, taqueria, local diner, and a microbrewery are located right across from the announcer’s booth.

Thanks, please check out our website, sign up to receive email updates, and register early and often!

Jonathan Eropkin

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