Cat 4s only at PG&E crit, May 8th

We now have 4 pre-registered so the minimum field size has been met.

Just a direct note to this forum to remind you we went with one single women's field (cat 4 only) for our first year race after consulting with some of the natural and official NCNCA women's racing leaders.

Of course, the uber-women are welcome to race with the guys!

But I am wondering, where are all those cat 4 Wells Fargo women who drag me up & down the valley? Probably doing Berkeley RR, as they are tougher than I am!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for this years race. Hopefully next year we can expand our day and fields to include multiple women's races.

Thanks for you support!
Xeno, Tri Valley Velo
(Formerly with InfoVista and EMC2)

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