Cat. 3 Women - more opportunities at De Ronde!

We've had discussions with Casey and our Chief Ref, Melanie Petersen regarding multiple categories on course at the same time at Palo Alto Bicycles "Ronde van Brisbeen" and have come to a conclusion we hope will be equitable for Cat. 3 Women in Northern California.

We've added a 2nd motor to guide and control riders on the Sunday circuit race and that allows us to have Cat. 3 Women and Cat. 4 Women on course at the same time. You'll have a 60 or 90 second gap in start times, depending on CR and you'll race same length of time. This means Cat. 3 Women will now be eligible for De Ronde van Brisbeen Omnium title.

We unfortunately can't add Cat. 4 Women to saturday's criterium at Brisbane Marina at Sierra Point - that course is too short to allow a 2nd category.

Alec, that means we need to order more thin mints from the Girl Scouts!

Cat. 3 and Cat. 4 riders - here's the website for pre-regisgtration. Please give us the confidence to continue trying to expand your opportunities to race by pre-registering early. Thanks, Amy and Michele - our first 2 entrants!

The Thin Mints guys
Pilarcitos Cyclesports
Tom & Alec Simpson

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