Carrera de San Rafael

I was just eye balling the flier and course description and was thinking, yeah maybe the fam and I could head over there and do this one. Kind of got my motor running.

Then I noticed placings only 5 deep for the masters.
The motor just stalled and doesn't seem to want to kick over again.

Would it really kill this district to start going 10 deep?
We went 10 deep at our race (EMC/Vellum Crit) and it didn't kill us.

It's not that we race for prizes, but it does add a bit of quality to the event. Riders seem to like it too.

There are a lot of riders like myself that can pick off a top 10 once in awhile, but the top 5 is pretty illusive in this talent pool.

This might be part of why there is only 18 riders signed up 6 days out from the event.

10 deep! It's the new black. :wink:


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