carrera a big "thanks"

I traavled up after the coyote creek race (a well hosted event) and raced in the cat 4 race. I will get my only gripe out right off the bat, was signs for parking the signs or lack there of really sucked. none of the city officals working the course knew were to direct us either. I had no warm up time due to the parking problem.
now other then that "WOW what an event!!!" this was one amazing event. I think we should start a poll of the best courses of the season and this one would have to be on the top. I think the only thing I would of liked was a left turn in there somewhere but that is just getting too picky.
The energy level was amazing, the store owners seemed to be very happy to have us there, unlike burlingame. Again WOW! the anouncers were great and provided us with some entertainment not to mention pushed the energy levels up. the placement of the speakers around the course was awesome too. Only thing is if you are going to give out cow bells use a horn or something for anouncing primes. I kept hearing them tallk about wine and other primes being offered during our race and with all the cow bells I could not tell for sure what where prime laps. I hammered it hard expecting to get a few primes, boy was i disapointed when i went to see i got shit.
The womans field was good, but there race was awesome to watch. the effort output was amazing. I stayed to see what the mens pro field would look like, there were some great racers there but no team had more then like 4 members if that. I was hoping to see some great teamwork like toyota united (no show) etc.... so I ended up leaving before I could see how it turned out.
I would like to thank the promotors for such a great race day. Your efforts really showed. cant wait for next year.

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