Candlestick - dry since 2004 - but about to change!

We've checked all of our photos and records and believe you can count on the fingers from 1/2 of 1 hand the number of wet Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross events in history. Just 2, as a matter of fact, way back in December of '03 at a windy, drenched Coyote Point and January of '04 on a separate Coyote Point circuit no longer in use. Except for those 2 events, it's been a duh-rye run ever since.

But a fall storm window may have opened up for this weekend's 2nd round of the Bay Area Super Prestige Series, presented by
Kaiser-Permanente/Team Oakland. As of 8:00 pm wednesday night, we stand a decent chance of soft (OK, "Softer") ground at Candlestick Point for Round 2. Showers are forecast for tomorrow night (80% opportunity), showers are forecast for friday (another 80%er) and actual rain on Saturday. Not nearly so much fun for the Pilarcitos and Roaring Mice crews building the circuit - but they'll have everything ready for pre-ride by 3:00 pm.

And Sunday, you ask? Less than 40% chance of showers on race day - sounds like Candlestick will be the Vortex of Cyclocross!

Past Candlestick Elite Division winners include:

2004 - Brent Prenzlow and Gina Hall in the first weekend.
2004 - Daniele Pontoni and Gina again in the 2nd Candlestick weekend
2005 - Aaron Odell and Christine Vardaros in the 1st weekend
2005 - Andy Jacques-Maynes and Melodie Metzger in the 2nd weekend
2006 - Justin Robinson and Shelly Olds
2007 - Justin Robinson and Kathleen Hannon

and for Masters

2004 - Chris D'Aluisio 1st weekend
2004 - Chris D'Aluisio 2nd weekend
2005 - James Coats 1st weekend
2005 - David Eastwood 2nd weekend
2006 - Steve Reaney
2007 - Ganon Myall

Softer course? Who's a "mudder" (or "sander" for Candlestick)?

Round 2 starts off with HRS/Rock Lobster leading both Elite Men and Women's standing as Josh Snead rode to a 44 second victory over Robinson, the defending 07' series champ as the '08 series opened at McLaren Park. Sarah Kerlin led a 1-2 finish for the Lobsters in the Elite Women's contest with Stella Carey the runnerup.

"Rain, Rain, please DON'T go away"

Tom & Alec Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports
and those Magnificent Mice who Roar

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