Candidates: I'm Still Bugged About This

This one has been stuck in my craw all year, and since some of the participants in this debate, which was the hottest one of the year in the region, are running for the highest offices of the NCNCA, I think more needs to be said regarding the "San Jose Classic."

Recalling the discussion I initiated last January, and the ensuing nine pages of it:

Lorri (Presidential Candidate) had this to say in response to the poll results, which overwhelmingly showed the opinion of the participating NCNCA members that we felt we were being ripped off by the "Classic:"

velogirl wrote:Sample size is totally relevant. If there are thousands of racers in the NCNCA, and only a couple hundred registered users of this forum, and only 35 folks answered the poll, how is that in any way indicative of the opinion of the entire district?

If this were an election, and only 35 people showed up to vote, would you say that their vote reflected the opinion of the people? No!

There are a handful of vocal people on this forum (like any forum). And you'll find that often, the vocal folks are the ones with negative opinions. Afterall, if life is happy and all is right with the world, am I going to share that opinion with you? Probably not. But if I have a negative opinion, I'll be the first to post it. That's the nature of the beast.

Lorri (who voted yawn and probably should've stayed away from this topic)

The poll results:

I'm psyched for it. I don't think $52 is unreasonable. 1% [ 1 ]
I'd pay anything to race in San Jose once in my career. 0% [ 0 ]
Prizes are overrated. I prefer winning a medal or t-shirt. 1% [ 1 ]
The zebra is right. This kind of seems like a rip-off. 72% [ 39 ]
[yawn] 18% [ 10 ]
By definition, pros are the only ones who should have prizes. 5% [ 3 ]
I'm not capable of thought. I don't count. 0% [ 0 ]

Total Votes : 54

Lorri voted "Yawn" about an issue that generated nine pages of heated debate, discussion and (yes, Elis) name-calling in the region?

Lorri decided to disregard the highest-attended poll ever held in this region because only 54 people responded? How many will be electing the officers of the NCNCA? It appears 25, more or less.

But at least Lorri was somewhat politic in her dismissal of this issue. My opponent for Vice President, Michael Hernandez, was only capable of dishing out this piece of tripe:

mhernandez wrote:bike racing is cool, wish it was cheaper (especially for young elites struggling for the pro-dream), appreciate any prizes but don't race for them.

wish i could do the SJ crit, but i'm a huge fan of Cantua Creek and will race that event ( ... which, obviously, makes me ineligible for any rational thought).

and didn't vote in poll ~ probably because it's a Jess endeavor (and yes, that's a personal attack ... i've gotten a wiff of his 'stank' in races ... ick).

Several days later, Michael added this piece of offal to his tripe:

mhernandez wrote:My reasons for going to the San Jose Crit are in a post i did this morning (for any interested):

I'm of the opinion for giving this race a chance. I really don't cringe at paying $52 for a crit, but it's not something I could afford to do a ton of. And I never go to a race because of/or the lack of prizes.

One thing i'd point out is that this poll only had 53 respondents, so there are no valid conclusions on what our racing community thinks about the price of the entries or the amount of prizes offered for the event (i believe that's what this thread was originally about).

The proof will be in the pudding on Saturday:

1. how many riders will race
2. how well will the race be put on

I'll be interested to find out.

and Jess, i wasn't trying to be funny about your smell. It wasn't a joke ... you really are quite odiferous.

Is this how our proposed President and Vice President are going to deal with an issue that generated nearly 9000 views and 125 replies?? Michael's vice-presidential demeanor is to disregard the poll and personally insult someone with an opposing view? Is it the official position of their "ticket" to ignore polls that disagree with them?
I am not going to rehash all nine pages of opinions shared in that discussion, but they are worth reviewing to see how your candidates act and react when the promise of public office is not directly at stake.

I raised an issue about a race that clearly deserved discussion. Most of the responders and nearly all of those polled agreed with my premise. And for this I was personally demeaned and attacked by my opponent.

My zebraskin is tougher than Michael Hernandez is equipped to prick. But this is Lorri's hand-picked choice of running mate? I personally believe the governance of our region deserves better.

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