Call for Feedback to USCF

Hello women of Northern California & Nevada! If you're an annual USCF license holder, you received the following email from USA Cycling regarding the agenda for the June town hall meeting. You'll note that the possibility of adding CAT5 for women is on the agenda. This would likely be similar to the men's CAT5 (experience in 10 mass start races to upgrade).

Demographics are different throughout the country, and NCNCA has one of the more robust women's memberships, however there are many in this area who feel adding CAT5 for women would be beneficial from a safety point of view.

Members of our team (Velo Girls) have been in email conversations with a number of different trustees and have shared our thoughts and also tried to think through the impact of this change (not only in the NCNCA, but in other parts of the country where women's racing isn't as robust).

If you have an opinion, I strongly urge you to email the trustees and share your thoughts.

Lorri -- Velo Girls


Dear USCF member,

Your elected Board of Trustees is interested in how YOU think the USCF
can serve you better. For those of you who will be in Park City, we are
going to conduct a Town Hall meeting on Sunday, June 26 in Park City.
The location will be The Lodges at Deer Valley, in the Spruce Room on
the second floor. 2900 Deer Valley Drive East, Park City Utah
(435-615-2600) To focus the discussion on issues we are hearing about, the agenda
for the meeting is:

10-11 Master's and Junior Issues

11-12 Upgrade Guidelines

- Does the existing system work?
- What needs to change
- Separate category for Cyclocross?

12-1 Cat 5

- Do we need the category?
- Prizes for Cat 5?
- Separate races for Cat 5?
- Cat 5 for Women?

1-3 Open Session

- Topics of your choice that haven't been covered in the
earlier topic areas

If you can't attend the meeting, we encourage you to contact your
local, elected trustees with your thoughts, ideas and issues. Our goal is
to shape the organization to better serve you, the members. We look
forward to seeing you at the USCF Town Hall Meeting on June 26.

USCF Board of Trustees:

Jim Allen (CA) --
Tom Simonson (CA ) --
Wayne Stetina (CA) --
Rob Heatley (TX) --
Gary Stephenson (TX) --
James Karthauser (TX) --
Kirk Leidy (PA) --
James Patton (MD) --
Jame Carney (CO) --
Anton Quist (VA) --
Mari Holden (CO) --

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