Call for 2011 Budget Requests

With a new year starting soon, it's time to put together NCNCA's budget for 2011. We've passed a lot of things month by month in 2010, but for 2011 hope to return to the normal approach of passing an annual budget and only adding things during the year if unexpected things come up.

The first step is for the Treasurer (me) to collect budget requests, so this is a general call to anyone who wishes to submit one. The policy on this is pretty open so if you're a director, committee chair, or volunteer who oversees something NCNCA does, you can submit a budget request. If you have something in mind and don't currently serve in one of those roles, please send it through the most obvious person so they can tack it onto their budget. And if that person isn't obvious, just send it to me and I'll get it to the right person, and sort out any duplicate requests.

A budget request should include the total amount for the year (or a range, if unknown), what specifically it's for, and how it will benefit NCNCA's members. Keep in mind the current spending policy, which says that individual expenditures over $500 need to be listed in your budget, otherwise the board needs to approve the item even if your budget was approved overall. Even at $250+ we need some detail in your budget about the type of expense. These policies may be changed, but for the time being the more detail the better - it means you'll get paid faster. And if you received funds in 2010, please include a separate report of how you used the money, and what the benefits/results were.

This doesn't need to be a novel, but provide as much info as you can and I'll get back to you if additional information is needed. Also, let me know if you want to present your request to the whole board in person, especially if it's something new.

The next board meeting, where the BOD will approve a budget, is Monday, January 10, 2011. So that afternoon is the absolute latest to get a request to me. But don't wait that long! The earlier you get it in, the better, so there's time to make sure that the info is complete. I'll deal with any requests that I get after Friday Jan 7th only if time permits.

Let me know if you have any questions, and start sending those requests in. For all of this, please use the Treasurer's mailbox which is treasurer at


2010 Treasurer

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