Blocking in a cat3 RR

Since when is it unsportsman-like behaviour to block in a cat 3 race? More than one participant in last weekends Dunningan (no) Hills RR took quite an exception to anyone with a teammate in a 9-man break getting into the rotation, or otherwise riding near the front. There were a few teams doing an effective job blocking, and I did not see nor initiate ANY dangerous behaviour by any of the teams trying to disrupt the chase. On the other hand, I was chopped, elbowed, and drifted into by a few riders who thought we shouldn't be trying to help our teammates. I'm fine with agressive riding, and in fact the behaviour of anyone involved wasn't overly dangerous, but it could have become so had the blockers started behaving like the chasers, there would have been a lot of pushing, shoving and jawing going on. Once the chase got organized the blocking teams pretty much stayed out of the way and let the break succeed or fail on it's own, but the blocking was critical in helping it get establised.

I must have missed the memo that blocking isn't allowed in a cat 3 race, I guess the 35's and 45's didn't get the same note since Safeway and Morgan Stanley are quite good at it.

I'm posting this mostly because I'm curious to see what people think about the subject...


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