Berkeley Hills RR Moto Thanks.......

To the men's Elite 4; Berkeley Hills RR.
I want to and congratulate and thank you for your race behavior Sunday. Some of you were a bit concerned who you ended up with as a motor ref after my little chat before your race! Believe me when I say that I was not trying to be a mean official out there! I always talk to my riders at the beginning of a race to let them know what I expect of them. I believe I was assigned to your group because of issues in the past year's events. We had two neutralizations out there and you handled it with good attitudes and skill. You were all great guys out there and I enjoyed riding with you! I was sad to have had to deal with the serious crash on your last lap, which forced me to abandon your pack for most of the last lap. It was privilege to work with you. See you in the future guys!
John Bolton


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