Beat the Clock Time Trial Series 2008 Sneak Preview!!!

Greetings time trial fans,

The Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer Time Trial
Series is entering it's 4th. year. In our first 3
years, we have raised over 64k for the Lance Armstrong
Foundation. Not too shabby for riding bikes up and down
Canada Road and once in awhile up Old La Honda.

This year we are adding a new venue which should be
very exciting - the Velodrome has agreed to us hosting
a time trial on the track! Road bikes will be
welcome. This is very rare, though a golden
opportunity to try out the new facility, try out the
track in general and find out how you are doing in a
totally controlled environment. There has been
discussion that a road bike might indeed be faster on
the track than a track bike, depending on the event.
This we will be able to test. This will be on a Sunday
(June 22) after 2 days of AVC racing. (Check out the
Hellyer web site for more information about this

The schedule for this year's TT Series is as follows:
March 15 (Canada)
April on-line auction
May 24 (Canada)
June 22 (Hellyer Velodrome)
July 19 (Canada)
Sept. 20

We are also planning a 3-part work out session at Al
Painter's new studio. It will include core strength
training, spinning on personal road bikes with triple
A+ coach Dan Smith and a solid hour of alignment and
stretching using the Franklin Method and Pilates with
Owen Grady and Mary Lachapelle. More details to
follow on that. (If we only would have planned better
this would be the perfect weekend for this. :) )

So that's it for now. We are looking forward to a most
excellent season.

Carola Berger
posting for Patt Baenen-Tapscott (Beat the Clock Mastermind)

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