Beat the Clock in danger of being cancelled...

I figured I should post the story on a public forum, open for discussion, input and ideas. Long, very annoying story somewhat medium, Beat the Clock is a charity event series of training rides with NO prizes, and the "fee" for participating is a donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation helping cancer patients. URL is here: Most local people know and participate in the event which is organized by one of my best friends, a cancer survivor herself. Patt has put a LOT of effort into this, raised a ton of money in the past years. It would be very sad and a shame if this series were cancelled. It is in danger of being cancelled.

We had one local resident, who is the "president" of an organization known for trying for decades to get bicycles off "their" road (which happens to be a public road), complain about a specific event of the series, already last year. With the result that we had the mayor come out and watch the event who could find nothing wrong and in fact was impressed about how smoothly we handled everything. This year that person used a different approach and sent an information "package" to all the Beat the Clock sponsors containing outdated (traffic analyses from 1980) and/or false information and painting a whole wrong picture about the event. With the result that USAC chose to not insure the event series as a training event any more, although our events clearly fall into this category. Another sponsor backed out as well. We NEVER had a single incident or disturbance of residents, cars, pedestrians,... World champion medalists, district and national champs use our event as training, novice racers get introduced to the sport in a safe manner, we include HPVs, unicycles, teams, tandems, juniors, you name it, we require that every participant respects the rules of the road, and on top of all that we raise a ton of money for a cause that affects many many people -- the fight against cancer. When I say we, I mean mostly Patt, who has done an enormous amount of work to make this happen. It is very sad that one highly inaccurate letter can ruin all the good she's done in one sweep.

I'm just putting this out here because I think people should know about this story. Any and all help and good ideas are appreciated.


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