Beat the Clock: Attention! Only 2,851,168.589 seconds until

Beat the Clock: Attention!! Only 2,851,168.589 seconds until... of the most important bicycle events of the year! Mark your calendar!! Spread the word!

On February 18th, 2006 the first event of the Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer training series kicks off!! Now featuring HILLCLIMBS for the mountain-goats. And, of course, for the flat-landers, there'll be time trials on Canada.
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Beat the Clock Frequently Asked Questions:

** What is the Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer training series?

This is a low-key time trial and hill climb training series to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. $20 of your $24 entrance fee goes straight to the LAF to help in the battle against cancer.
The series is organized by Patt Baenen-Tapscott, a cancer survivor herself. Last year her efforts raised over $18,000!! Let's top this this year! In addition to the training series, there will be again a fabulous raffle (win a Leader frame + carbon fork!), an auction, and so much more (read on).

** Where do these events take place?

The hill climbs go up the local benchmark climb, Old La Honda (distance: 3.37 miles). The time trials take place on an out-and-back course on Canada Road (distance: approx. 9.5 miles). Both are located in Woodside.

** Who can participate?

Everybody! The hill climb has categories for men, women, juniors, and Olympians. The time trial series has solo categories for men, women, juniors, and categories for two-person teams - men, women, mixed - and tandem, as well as a HPV category.

** I'm a seasoned racer, why should I participate?

Well, for one thing, it's for a very good cause:
Patt's own words - "Cancer is ruthless and unforgiving. It will attack little eight year old boys' brains as well as middle aged bo obs." [note by tech support: the space is to trick spam-filters]
And if that's not enough reason to come out and participate - the dates are selected such that the training races make very good practice for the start of the season, Pinole, Berkeley Hills, Dunlap, Sattley, and Nationals.

** I don't have one of these Martian looking helmets, let alone a time trial bike. What do I do?

Doesn't matter. As long as you've got 2 wheels, you can participate (ahem...without motor, of course) - everybody is more than welcome! And for the hill climbs a TT bike and a Martian looking helmet won't help you anyway.

** I've never raced before, I don't think I want to try this...sounds scary!

It's a training series - this is the absolute best place to try and find out what all these wacky people do on weekends when they pin numbers on their jerseys and pedal till they are too dizzy to continue. Plus, it's for a very good cause.

** OK, you convinced me, when and where do these events take place?

February 18th - Old La Honda Hill Climb => get ready for the season!
March 18th - Canada Time Trial => practice for Pinole!
May 6th - Old La Honda Hill Climb => get those climbing legs ready for Cat's Hill and Berkeley Hills
May 27th - Canada Time Trial => finetune your aerodynamics for Dunlap and Sattley
July 1st - Canada Time Trial => just before Nationals!

** Where and how do I register?

Go to You will find a link to bikereg.
Only a limited amount of slots available - reserve yours NOW!

** I crashed into a meteorite while skiing - I'm injured and can't race. But, I'd still like to contribute - how?

Just go to and donate. Or contact Patt (patt _AT_ or tech support (cfberger _AT_ for details.

** I'm cheap - I don't want to give money for nothing.

There will be an auction where you can buy lots of great stuff. Or just buy some raffle tickets - $5 per ticket! You can win a fantastic Leader aluminum/carbon frame with a carbon fork, and much more swag! The odds are much greater than winning in another lottery, or than getting hit by a meteorite!

** I got hit by a meteorite which damaged my brain. I still don't understand what this "Beat the Clock" fuss is all about?

Check out the webpage -
If you still have questions, contact Patt (patt _AT_ or tech support (cfberger _AT_

Thanks for your attention,

Beat the Clock Public Relations and Tech Support
Carola Berger (cfberger _AT_
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