Beat the Clock announcement - March 17th!

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Beat the Clock announces 2nd Canada Time Trial on March 17

The organizers of the Beat the Clock series invite time trialists and
wannabes to the 2nd Beat the Clock Canada Time Trial on March 17. The
event is open to riders and racers of all genders and ages, with or
without UCI-sanctioned aero equipment and/or license. Preregistration

The event may be a welcome opportunity for ProTour riders to keep
their legs fresh while waiting for the dispute between ASO and UCI to
settle. In fact, several Discovery Channel riders were spotted
previewing the course during the first Beat the Clock Time Trial on
February 17.

Albeit promoted as a "low key" event, the competition at the first
2007 Canada Time Trial was fierce between the star-studded
participants. BtC News reports live from the scene:


We are here on a glorious day in sunny Northern California, reporting
live from the finish line of the first 2007 Beat the Clock Canada Time
Trial. Although several World and National champions who usually
participate in this event prefer a more vertical challenge this time,
the sizeable field of 49 riders sports no shortage of World, National,
and District champions.

And off he is -- our first starter of the day, Brian Peterson of the
Webcor/Alto Velo squad, rolls off the nonexistent start ramp as the
next rider lines up. The riders start in one-minute increments.

While we are waiting for our first time-check at the finish line, a
few words about this incredible event whose proceeds fully go to the
Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation. The event is once again
professionally set up by Beat the Clock Director Patt Baenen-Tapscott
and her crew. Jim and Ann Christol formidably handle the registration
of the racers, Chris and Connie Miller and Bob and Sue Walker are
manning the turnaround points on this highly technical straight course
to prevent riders from riding all the way to San Francisco. Debra
Paulsen is doing a fantastic job controlling the crowd which is going
wild now as start official Debbie Merritt is about to send off the
next rider! Mathematician Jim Turner and Theoretical Physicist Carola
Berger will have the difficult task of timing the racers by performing
such complex calculations as addition and subtraction.

And here he comes -- Brian Peterson is blasting through the finish
line, topping the leader-board with a time under 24 minutes. But the
next rider is already approaching, in fact, three riders are coming in
now, Jens Heycke of team "unattached" passing the other two who can
only gasp for air as he moves to the top of the leader-board with an
incredible time of 22:50!

Can anybody top his time?
We will find out when we come back after a short nap, ahem, break.

It is now 8:00am, and none of the male riders could break Jens
Heycke's incredible time of 22:50, as now our first female
participant, Molly Van Houweling of the Metromint team, lines up after
taking a sip from her sponsor's performance enhancing product.

We will find out how she fares when we come back after another nap,
oops, break.

And Molly Van Houweling takes the lead in the womens competition with
a time that is over a minute faster than the 2nd placed woman. Next up
is the Merckx-style category followed by the team events.


We are now reporting live from the awards ceremony. Jens Heycke of
Unattached wins the individual men's category as well as 2nd place in
this category, Molly Van Houweling of Metromint smoked the women's
field. Mark Edwards of Team Bike Trip gets first prize in the heavily
contested Merckx category. Peter Tapscott and Matt Morenzoni's time
(Webcor/Alto Velo) in the team event was too fast for any of their
competitors who had to battle increasingly gusty headwinds of 1 mph
and flat tires. Richard and Mary Ellen Allen, representing Genentech,
place first in the heavily contested tandem category (field size 1

This is it from the first 2007 Canada Time Trial. Stay tuned for our
live coverage from the second event on March 17! Now back to the studio.

This just in: Beat the Clock fails to test for CCC!

It has come to our attention that the Beat the Clock management failed
to test the participants for the performance enhancing product CCC
(commonly known as Chocolate Chip Cookies). In fact, registration
mastermind Ann Christol was seen handing out several such items at
rider sign-in!

Beat the Clock Director Patt Baenen-Tapscott assures us, however, that
CCC, when taken before a time trial event, certainly does not have a
performance enhancing effect: "A rider who is silly enough to eat one
before the start will have a hard time breathing if some crumbs get
into the wrong pathway." Nevertheless, the Beat the Clock management
promises to have a certified BACA agent [eds. note: Beat the clock
Anti-Cookie Agency] at the next event, testing riders for CCC crumbs.


Thanks for reading, participating, and volunteering! Hope to see you
at the next event,

Carola, for the Beat the Clock team

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