Beat the Clock 2008!!!!

It's 2008, a very special year to remember in world history!

In 2008 the Olympic games will take place in Beijing.
In 2008 the Large Hadron Collider will begin operations and discover the origin of electroweak symmetry breaking.
2008 is the 300th anniversary of the discovery of the Perophaps Solitaria, AKA Didine bird of the island of Rodriguez.
And in 2008 Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer returns with a full schedule of action-packed and muscle-soreness-inducing sufferfests!

Ouch! Oops, I mean, yay!!

Here's the schedule (more details to be announced):

* February 10th, the day following the Monster Enduro ride (see the low-key webpage and announcements) -- Fitness Day including back-breaking pilates action, muscle-ache-inducing core strength sessions, relaxing massages, and leg-churning spin sessions -- more details TBA very soon!
* March 15 -- Canada time trial
* April -- on-line auction
* May 24 -- Canada TT
* June 22 -- Hellyer Velodrome -- yes, you can use your regular road bike!
* July 19 -- Canada TT
* Sept. 20 -- Canada TT

As always, volunteers are needed. Donations are welcome. All proceeds go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Thank you and stay tuned for more details!

The Beat the Clock team

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