Be careful with zip codes

For anyone who is signing up for their first USCF license or who is renewing and changing your address. Please be extra careful and make sure you use the correct zip code and it is clearly legible. When we changed the border between NCNCA and SCNCA USA Cycling had to change how they deal with zip codes to determine which half of California a rider lives in. If you make a mistake in your zip code now you will most likely end up being listed in the wrong part of California, or you may wind up being recorded as living in another state. These mistakes could affect your eligibility for district championships and it will hurt NCNCA financially ( since we might not get the proper credit for your license rebate. There were a dozen or so riders who had improper zip code information in the USAC database that we had to find and correct this week to ensure NCNCA had the proper number of riders credited to our territory. Please pass this information onto people who may not be on the list.

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