Bariani Races

I wanted to thank everyone who raced at Zamora on Sunday. You lobbied us for a separate 4s field (well, mostly Lorri did the lobbying, but I got that comment from several riders immediately after last year's edition) and then showed up to race. So that's very cool, and obviously SGW appreciates the turnout. I think we had 47 riders in the Womens 1/2/3 field, so close to 100 total women! Last year in the open field we had about 60 women total. (note that in addition to adding a separate 4 field, we increased the distance for the 1/2/3s to 40 miles. In case anyone wondered about the relatively short distances at Bariani, our idea is to keep the distances a bit shorter than is the norm for NorCal in the hopes that folks will ride a bit faster. I think Bariani is a bit unique in that it is sort of an oversized circuit race).

However, I think what is more important is the quality of the women's races on Sunday. The women's races were both good, hard fought races. I thought the 4s race was especially strong. It was cool to see that field riding so hard through the start/finish. I found it to be a lot of fun to watch (of course, it was also one of the only races I got to watch finish on Sunday...).


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