Barely used 2011 HED Ardennes SL, Stallion Build $630

EDIT: I'm dropping the price to $630

Someone just accidentally shipped me a set of Ardennes SL in a Stallion Build. These have a higher spoke count (20/28 instead of 18/24) and a weight limit of 250lbs, which is overkill for me. Rather than haggling with him over who should pay for the return shipping I thought I'd see if any bigger riders needed a good deal on a set of awesome clinchers, or if someone was just looking for a bombproof set of wheels. These are the C2 rims (24mm wide) and let you run lower pressure for better performance and ride quality. I'll be getting a pair myself in the lower spoke count. I think these retail at $1100 or $1200. ~1550 grams, Shimano freehub, no skewers for some reason (but I have some if you need them).

Let me know soon because I have to open a complaint against this dude on eBay in a day or two. Email me at jfraga at gmail dot com.


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