Ban a category 5 field?

In another thread, a post caught my eye and rather than derail that thread, I'd post the comment here and ask for comments. The writer said about the Berkeley Hills RR that:
"The host club was wise to ban a category 5 field from the race."

Maybe the comment was aimed at the difficulty level of the Berkeley Hills race. And I've noticed other races, like Merco, where there is no accomodation for Cat 5s, and the discussions about mixing Cat 4s with Cat 5s in many races, particularly Master's race groupings.

But let's be realistic, what's the difference between Cat 4 and Cat 5? Ten race STARTS? Heck - show up and pay your money at all of the Early Birds and you too can be a Cat 4 (like me). Personally I don't mind 4/5 groupings since I too am new and my friends who've joined me in trying racing this season are still mostly 5s. I only upgraded because of races that won't let me join in without being a Cat 4.

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