ATTN: Cat4s

I just want to give a shout out to the entire Cat4 peloton for this season. Yes, it's only March, but the difference in racing from last year to this is dramatic to say the least and infinitely more fun. Last year, you could absolutely count on 9 of 10 races coming down to a bunch sprint. This year, however, it's attack, attack, attack, attack. The racing has been SO positive, and it's made all the difference. The last three races i've been in have all been won via breakaway.

Last season, if I took a flyer then I was usually assured to cook and fry out there by myself because no one else would risk sticking their heads out there in the wind and making a bridge. This year, however, there is no one just blindly looking to pull the group back, but rather, everyone is understanding that they must attack and bridge and try their luck.

Further, the well represented teams like Squadra, Roaring Mouse, CVC, Alto Velo, etc. are even giving thought to the representation in the breaks and trying to find the right combination. This, in turn, has put a lot of stress on unattached riders and those riding for small, or underrepresented squads. SqOv, RM, and AV are always out there blocking when they have folks in the break. Who says there are no tactics in Cat4 racing? This year, they'd be wrong.

Again, thanks to everyone for making this year so much more fun. Keep up the great work! I feel like we're proving a lot of folks wrong about Cat4 racing.

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