Association Meeting Webex Connection

The next Association Meeting is scheduled for March 8, 2010. I am working on improving the quality of the medium and also the process for accessing the meeting via Webex. While the ultimate goal is to allow full meeting participation via Webex there are significant challenges to overcome.

To allow on-line two-way communication we would need a better connection. The last two meetings have been broadcast using a mobile phone tethered to a laptop. We are still determining the meeting location but hope to find one with a dedicated phone line. We are also working on securing an external microphone to improve the pick-up. We are considering investment in a conference telephone.

Of course it always helps to properly mute everyone so there is no noise and cross-talk from other on-line participants. I chaired the last meeting after rushing at the last minute to both master Robert's Rules and Webex. There was simply no time to train an alternate on the intricacies of Webex prior to the meeting so it was largely unattended. I apologize for that. Within a few meetings these wrinkles will all be worked out and we will have technological progress.

To allow on-line voting we need to establish delegate identification and verification processes. In other words we must insure that the person voting is properly identified as the delegate for the Member Club represented. Legally we need to have written and approved policies for on-line voting and also a written policy in the case of a dropped connection. There are also legal requirements for on-line voting that need to be met. This could effect quoroms (see separate post). Unfortunately, because of all this and the fact that the next meeting is six business days away on-line voting will NOT be implemented for the next meeting. We will, however, experiment with opening the microphone to on-line participants. Please be patient as we get this procedure up to speed.

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