Annual Elections

NCNCA Delegates,

Believe it or not another road season has passed, and it's time again for the
annual NCNCA election. In keeping with the amendments to our bylaws earlier this
year, the membership of NCNCA will elect nine members to the NCNCA Board of
Directors. This elected Board will be responsible for running NCNCA, and will
appoint officers and committee chairs from its ranks early in 2011.

This is your chance to help shape amateur bicycle racing in our district, by
serving as a Director or nominating someone whose ideas you support. With nine
positions available, all members of our cycling community can be represented --
clubs, racers, officials, promoters.

Here are the steps in the election process:

October 6 - Call for Nominations. The delegate of any club that was a member of
NCNCA as of October 1 may submit nominations for one or more directors. A
nominee must accept the nomination before he or she will be considered a
candidate. While only member clubs can nominate, any individual can serve as a
director of NCNCA.

October 6-26 - Candidate statements submitted and posted as received

October 26 11:59PM - Nominations end; last day to submit a candidate statement

October 27 - online election opens. Clubs may submit votes either online or in
person at the November 1 meeting. Each club may cast up to nine votes, but only
one vote per candidate; if fewer than nine candidates run, then each club has
only as many votes as there are candidates. In the event of multiple,
conflicting votes by a single club, only the latest votes cast will be counted.

November 1, 8PM - election ends at the annual scheduling meeting; results
announced. The nine individuals receiving the most votes will be considered
elected to the Board.

January 1, 2011 - terms begin; transitional meetings expected in December

Expectations for Directors
• attend monthly meetings, including several each year that are
in-person only
• chair or have significant involvement in at least one Committee
• participate in discussions and votes, for matters brought before the
• keep up with what's going on in the district, and bring
issues/questions to the board when you learn of them from member
clubs, racers, promoters, or the public
• approximately 5-10 hours per month spent on NCNCA business
• serve on a volunteer basis

Send nominations to

Many thanks to Tad Borek, NCNCA Vice President, for writing the statement above
in its entirety.

Bill Nicely
President, NCNCA

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