Andy Jacques-Maynes Update

Hello Everyone,

The Jacques-Maynes Family has asked that I post here about Andy’s conditions and the family’s gratitude towards the cycling community.

As most have heard already, Andy took the last corner in the Pro1/2 Memorial Day Crit a little hot and crashed straight into a lamp poll. He hit his left side from about the torso up to his head and was unconscious for a bit. Many thanks to Patrick Briggs for immediately responding and helping bring Andy around. After the emergency techs placed him on a backboard he was airlifted to San Jose Valley Medical Center.

Once there we were told that he had a bruised lung, bruised ribs, possible broken collarbone, and his left hand was pretty banged up. Josie was able to spend time with Andy and said that he was complaining about pressure in his back and that he was having trouble breathing with the ventilator. The staff was able to help his breathing and he was given plenty of pain medication.

This morning we are told that the night went very well for Andy. He’s been cleared of any head injuries but they have yet to divulge any information pertaining to any fractures. Their main worry is the bruised lung but he does not need any surgery or tubes inserted so that’s been great news. The worst is over! Now it’s just healing up the body.

Andy will stay in ICU for 24 hours, then another ICU for 24 hours, then regular care. So he will be at Valley Med for anywhere from 3-5 days, as we know for now.

He is surrounded by family and more family are arriving today to join him. They send their many thanks and ask that your calls & well wishes be converted to emails and sent to calgaint at These emails will then be printed out and given to Andy to read while he’s healing up (he’s already got a book of them to read today!). So please do limit your calls as the family is trying to reach each other on updates and logistics, etc.

The family would also like to thank anyone and everyone who helped get Andy & Josie immediate care yesterday. Thanks to the promoters who called to check in on Andy, and to Patrick for helping Andy right away, and to everyone that helped get Andy & Josie’s belongings together so that all we had to focus on was getting to the hospital. Thanks to Steve & Shannon Reaney for helping with family stuff, and to Anthony for being there.

I will be keeping everyone updated through this forum for now. If you have any questions, you can reach me at

-mary perez

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