American Velodrome Challenge starts this Friday (July 20-21)

After a GREAT weekend of masters races over the weekend, we've got a lot of riders primed up for the American Velodrome Challenge, read on and register asap at

The inaugural Keefe Team Realtors American Velodrome Challenge promises high speed racing between world and bay area's best.

The 2007 Keefe Team Realtors American Velodrome Challenge starts on Friday, July 20, 2007 under the lights in San Jose, California. Over a 2 day period, races such as keirin, sprints, Madison and points race will be on the schedule.

Josiah Ng of Malaysia, a multi-time World Cup medalist will be competing in the sprints, keirin and flying lap record attempt. His toughest competition will likely come from, Adam Duvdendeck, Travis Smith and Stephen Hill, 2006 National Elite Kilo Champion. Travis Smith of Canada is a 2004 Bronze Meadist in match sprint and is coming off a hip injury but has shown impressive speed in recent sprint events.

The John Peckham Memorial Elite Points Races will be offering $2,000 prize list with $1,000 going to the winner which has drawn several best racers. Bay Area's Ben Jacques-Maynes of Team Priority Health, the USACycling's NRC points leader will be competing in this event. His main competition will come from Slipstream and the USA World Cup rider, Michael Creed.

Several of Bay Area's best include Larry Nolan, AMD-Discovery Masters team, Bobby Walthour former USA Team member, and Michael Hernandez, Safeway/GA Communications.

In the female events, Jennie Reed of Momentum cycling will be competing in all events and is expected to show her strength in all events. In the female endurance events, the competition is more wide open. However the budding star Shelley Olds of Proman/Paradigm who has turned in strong performances in the recent races and is expected to be a marked racer.

The American Velodrome Challenge promises high speed racing and also great time for fans by providing free drinks and food to all fans who show up on July 20 from 6-10 pm at the Hellyer Park Velodrome.
Friday Night 7/20/2007

Sign in & warm up
Track Opens 5:00 PM
Masters 200 m TT Sprint qualifier Top 9 advance Session Starts
6:00 PM
Men Keirin qualifier (3 heats 8 per heat)
Masters Sprints Round #1 3 3 up rides
Men Keirin qualifier rep
Women Keirin qualifier (2 heats)
Masters Sprints Repechage 2 3-up
Cat 3 5 K
Masters Sprints rep final 1 2-up
Men Keirin qualifier rep final
Awards Cat 3 5 k
Women Keirin Final
Masters 5th-9th Minor Final 5-up 3-laps

Cat 3 Miss & Out
Masters 10 k
Awards Women Keirin
Awards Cat 3 Miss & Out
Masters Sprints Semi Final
Men Miss & Out
Awards Masters 10 k
Awards Men Miss & Out
Women Points 8 K 24 laps
Masters Sprints Final 1-2 & 3-4
Men Keirin Final
Awards Women Points
Awards Masters Sprints
Awards Men Keirin
Men Madison 45 lap Session Complete 10:30 PM
Awards Madison

Saturday 7/21/2007

Sign in & warm up Track Opens 11:00 AM
Men 200 m TT Sprint qualifier Top 12 advance Session Starts 12:00 PM
Women 200 m TT Sprint qualifier Top 9 advance
Men Sprints Round #1 4 3 up rides
Women Sprints Round #1 3 3 up rides
Men Sprints Repechage 2 4-up
Men 15 K
Masters Keirin qualifier (2 or 3 heats)
Cat 3 15 lap tempo
Men Sprints Round 3 2-ups
Women Sprints Repechage 2 3-up
Masters Keirin rep 1 ride
Men Sprint rep 1 3-up winner forward also 5th&6th
Awards Cat 3 Tempo
Awards Men 15 K
Women Sprints rep final 1 2-up
Men 7th-12th Minor Final 6-up 3-laps
Cat 3 Points 10 K 30 laps
Masters Keirin Final
Women 5th-9th Minor Final 5-up 3-laps
Women Sprints Semi Final
Awards Cat 3 Points
Awards Masters Keirin
Masters Miss & Out
Women Miss & Out
Awards Masters Miss & Out
Awards Women Miss & Out
Team Sprint Session Complete 4:30 PM
Meal Break
Kiddie Kilo Session Starts 6:30 PM
Awards Team Sprint
Women 5 k
Men Sprints Semi Final
Men Sprints Semi Final
Awards Women 5 k
Masters Points 15 K 45 laps
Women Sprints Final 1-2 & 3-4
Men Sprints Final 1-2 & 3-4
Awards Masters Points
Awards Women Sprints
Awards Men Sprints
Men Points 20 K 60 laps
Awards Men Points
Flying Lap Record Attempts
Awards Flying lap Session Complete 9:30 PM

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