Airplane landing patterns and Daylight Savings

We live 5 minutes from SFO and the tell-tale signal that rain has arrived is the altered landing patterns - those 747's start coming in directly overhead! It's confirmation that Rain has arrived! Round 2 of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series, presented by Kaiser-Permanente/Team Oakland is going to be wet. Since 2004 the BASP series has never raced under anything less than hard, dry conditions so this will be a distinct change for Northern California competitors.

We've rambled over the race course area plenty of times in January, marvelling at the huge difference a few storms can make - there are actually patches of standing water in between some of those berms. In the next couple of days all this rain will be absorbed but a lot of the rough edges are going to be knocked off. Don't expect much mud - there's a lot of sand in this old land fill but do expect some interesting traction changes from the dry days.

Closer to game time we're looking at a course with 2 separate double barricade sections, a short run-up, and new for 2008 - a 3-step stair section on one of our berms.

Please take note of the change from Daylight Savings this weekend. "Fall Back" when you re-set your clocks an hour earlier for sunday morning.

Tom & Alec Simpson
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