45+'s - we want to race with you, we really do

As you have seen or heard, the Early Birds continues to grow in popularity. 1137 riders in 3 weeks, and 200 to 250 are NEW racers every week.

The Cat 5 men's 45+ racers have their own field yet their turnout has been low -and- the crashes high. There could be a variety of factors for this but here's my point: Category 5 masters men 45+ NEED skills!

Some of these guys are SO strong its crazy (spin classes!) but their skills do not match their speeds. You want to get under my skin? Let me overhear you say "I'll just do road races because they are safer than crits" or "I can't wait to upgrade out of 5's".

Yikes! With our 45+ road races selling out the skills required to stay comfortable and relaxed on a 10 foot road (centerline rule) far exceed what is offered at the Early Birds. Please do what you can to grow your skills, it will make for an enjoyable experience for all of us.

Cheers, Larry Nolan
EB Volunteer Team & Team Specialized Racing

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