$4 versus $1400 - It's your choice.

This is not just a message to race promoters, but to all of us, since we all are obliged to volunteer and assist in the presentation of a regional race:

Can we all, friends and foes, allies and rivals, agree to join for eternal battle and defeat our mutual enemy?

No, this isn't the footprint of the Beast. This is the enemy.

On behalf of our families, our potential agony of injury, and the thousands of dollars in medical bills and replaced carbon rims, please allow me to introduce you to our best friend in this struggle, our Goliath, the WMD of pothole repair:

It costs $4 for a bag of cold patch concrete at Home Depot. One bag will repair all the potholes on your crit course. It will take two volunteers half an hour. The repairs we made in 15 minutes on Turn 3 at the Napa Gran Prix are still there, and will still be there next year.

With the greatest respect to Velo Promo and all the dedicated race promoters, how many THOUSANDS of dollars, skin and bones were lost this year to potholes and cracks? (I won't name names, but you all know which races had a few holes that people kept hitting). This past weekend, the Giro had several small but very injurious hazards that could have been filled in ten minutes.

And Dunnigan? :shock: W-O-W! :shock: Did a meteor strike Northern California and the news didn't make it to Soulsbyville? How was it possible that such a wheel/rider-eating crater was neither filled nor adequately marked?

For God's sake, everyone. It's a $4 bag of cold patch. Lets' pay attention and take the time to make sure our courses are SAFE!

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