21 years of Early Birds

My first USCF race was at the Early Birds in 1988. I was a strong triathlete but had no pack skills, so its been a long process of learning to get comfy out there, and to teach others to get comfy out there. I think I understand what new racers are going through when they come out to their first race. We are blessed to have so many qualified volunteer mentors to help in the new racer experience.

I am pleased to see the growth and development of this series and would like to see it continue in the years to come. While I would like to see road racing start later in the year I think January is the perfect time of year to practice and develop good pack skills that help the racers feel more comfortable and for the rest of the pack to have better odds of staying upright.

With that in mind, I'd like to see a discussion on the topic of safety at the races. No one wants to crash, especially in January for a training event that has no prizes. But, in an attempt to keep the thread positive I'd like to hear some EB stories as well, especially from the EB graduates over the past 14 years or so. What was your first EB experience like? Got a story to tell?

See you on Sunday, Larry Nolan, team specialized racing

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