2012 Juniors Update- JPS

Hello to all of you Junior racers or Junior Teams-

I wanted to wish you all a happy new year and introduce myself to you as the liaison/point person for the Juniors within NCNCA BOD. I am excited about the 2012 season and getting to know each of you more.

Briefly I wanted to let you know I am working with Steve Wolfe on the JPS for 2012, we are getting a late start as he took over the program recently and I am new onto the BOD. The plan which will be suggested to the NCNCA competition committee next week will be as follows, start the JPS series with the Cherry Pie race, try to keep the same races as last year but extend the JPS thru the end of August, a race TBD. We will have a crit, TT and RR Junior State Championships, races TBD at this time. The competition committee will make a recommendation to the BOD which I am hoping to place on the agenda at the next BOD meeting, so all of you can plan your race season.

So I ask for a couple of things, your patience during this time of transition and for you to email me if you are a team or an individual who will be bringing juniors to the NCNCA races so I can compile an email list to send you more information and information when it comes up that you need to know.

My goal would also be to have a mini juniors summit in Norcal this year to bring us all to the table to talk about the challenges that each of us face with Juniors, how to grow the juniors programs, coaching and mentoring juniors and any ideas you have and so that we can be ahead of the game when 2013 comes.

If you have any questions about Juniors or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again, Kristen Hill

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