2012 Junior Points Series

Junior Racers, Parents, Coaches and Teams,

As of last night's BOD meeting, the BOD has approved the following races for the
JPS for 2012. In the next few days I will be contacting the promoters and
seeing if they are interested in holding junior races. If they are not, the
competition committee will make another recommendation to the BOD. I wanted to
at least get this list out now so you can start planning. Again, some of these
races may change, the goal was to extend the JPS to the end of August. Exactly
how many races per age is TBD by the competition committee in the next few
weeks. Junior Championship races have not been decided yet, bids are being
collected and will be reviewed by the competition committee in the next few
weeks. Once everything is final and the details are approved, look for the
series info on the ncnca.org site.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Cherry Pie-crit 2/5
Snelling-RR 2/25
Land Park crit 3/17
Bariani RR 3/18
Apple Pie crit 4/8
Wente-RR 4/25
Cat's Hill-crit 5/4
Dunlap TT 6/3 - DBC requesting state championship
PG&E-crit 6/16
July 4th-crit 7/4
Lodi-crit 7/15
Dunnigan-RR 8/11
Taleo-crit 8/19

Kristen Hill
NCNCA Competition Committee Chair

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