2010 NCNCA Best All-Around Rider Jersey Competition

Williams Cycling is the proud title sponsor of the 2010 Best All-Around Rider (BAR) jersey competition.

No USA cycling district has the depth of talent and competition as the NCNCA. The combination of temperate weather, terrain, race schedule and volume of licensed riders breeds such talent in this district.

For 2010, NCNCA will bring back the prestigious Best All-Around Rider “BAR” jersey competition. Each BAR category leader will receive a leader’s jersey to be worn at every NCNCA race entered during their reign as leader. The BAR program will add a higher level of prestige, race tactics and spectator interest to a district that already breeds the best of American cycling.

What the jersey represents to the rider:
• Pride of leading your category in the most competitive district in the nation
• Multi-discipline skill set
• Consistent performance

What the jersey represents to the spectator:
• Who the leader of the competition is
• What club/team they race for
• How they race as a leader

What the jersey represents to the club/team:
• Prestige for the club/team and sponsors
• An opportunity to promote their club/team to riders, spectators and potential sponsors
• Successful tactics used to produce a BAR leader

What the jersey represents to the race promoter:
• Adds a level of prestige to the event due the participation of BAR leader

What the BAR jersey represents to Williams Cycling:
• An opportunity to support the NCNCA
• An opportunity to brand the Williams name

BAR program details will be released shortly. Special thanks to Lorri Lee Lown, Ken Hernandez and Bill Nicely. The BAR program would not be possible without their hard work.

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