2010 Chico Stage Race Results

(Hi, first time poster and not a happy camper, please be easy on me.)

Is anyone else disappointed with the inaccurate results posted for the 2010 Chico Stage Race? I assume so as the Chicocosa.com official page has been buzzing with postings from many frustrated racers. I have more than my share of complaints ranging from incorrect placings posted, un-honored time bonuses that were promised in the race bible for 1st-2nd-3rd place finishes, disqualified riders still showing up in stage and GC rankings, no stage or GC times posted, etc.

I was reading the USAC site and they mention that once the results are officially posted there is no way to dispute them... which is pretty harsh as the official Chico results were not made available until nearly 2 weeks after the race had ended and even then, varied significantly from the preliminary results that were printed immediately after the races. I attempted to contact the race director Geno the week after the race with my concerns about time bonuses (only to have my official results get worse instead of better despite DQs) and have yet to receive a reply.

Is there somebody that addresses these issues or am I S.O.L. ? As a newcomer to the sport, I was really impressed by the professionalism and accuracy of race operations in my first 5 races. And don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed competing in the Chico Stage Race. It's just that the inaccurate posted placings and inadherence to stated policies in the race bible makes it hard for me to take the governing body seriously... especially with the "take it or leave it" policy of accepting poorly/inaccurate results.

My apologies for sounding whiney, but I spent a good chunk of money and effort racing only to see a less than satisfactory performance in reporting accurate race data.


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