2009 Tam Hill Climb canceled (so far)

Sorry to report that for budget reasons, the Tam Hill Climb probably isn't happening this year. Not the race budget, that's just fine...the CA budget is the problem. CA State Parks isn't issuing any special use permits for events during the rest of the year. In fact, it sounds possible the park is about to shut down entirely. Not for good, of course, but at least for as long as it takes for the budget to pass and money to flow again. And even then - part of the proposed budget fix for CA involves the temporary shut-down or reduction in staffing at a bunch of CA state parks, so we can't be certain that special-use permits will be issued for September even when a budget passes.

Without that permit, the race just can't happen - it covers Ridgecrest and the finish line area, and there's no path up Tam that doesn't cross through the CA Parks jurisdiction. So unless the state budget mess gets cleared up soon, and Tam is spared, there won't be a Hill Climb this year.

I'm reminded of some years ago when a friend and I planned a trip to run the Grand Canyon. We were in a motel in Williams AZ the night before and the TV news was all about the federal government shut-down, because they couldn't pass a budget. The local angle was that GC National Park was closed. What? It was inspiring to vote out the boneheads in office who couldn't do something as basic as pass a budget.


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