2009 Northern California Women's Racing Series Standings

Hello --

The top 3 individuals and teams for the 2009 Women's Racing Series sponsored by NCNCA after our first two races are included below, and full results will be posted at http://bawcycling.com/results.html shortly. Please forward this to the women on your team and congratulate them on their performances!

In addition to the results, we have a very exciting announcement. The San Jose Bicycle Club has offered Bay Area Women's Cycling one free race entry into their Memorial Day Criterium, and we want to extend our free entry to participants in the Series! We will raffle our free entry into the Memorial Day Criterium to every woman who registers online for the Women 3, Women 4 or Women 35+ category at the Kern County Stage Race (a long-standing pillar of the Series) before May 14, 2009. To enter the raffle, simply pre-register for the race at http://new.sportsbaseonline.com/events/index.xhtml?categoryId=4540 before May 14, 2009.

Thanks to everyone for their participation -- we hope to see you at the next 3/4 Series race, the Wente Vineyards Road Race on Saturday, April 25, and the first 35+ Master's Series race, the Berkeley Hills Road Race on Sunday, May 10!

Elis Bradshaw
Women's Series Program Manager

Category 3 Individual:
1. Brianna Hand (100 points)
2. Julie Nevitt (95 points)
3. Kim Wik (90 points)

Category 4 Individual:
1. Sonja Klein (100 points)
2. Beth Newell (95 points)
3. Beth Welliver (90 points)

Category 3 Team:
1. Metromint Cycling (170 points)
2. Hopkins Honda/Code 3 Racing (130 points)
2. SJBC/Sugar CRM (130 points)

Category 4 Team:
1. Roaring Mouse Cycles (140 points)
2. Left Coast Racing Team (100 points)
2. Team Sugar CRM (100 points)

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