2009 Friday Night Track Races

Hello bikers!

The dates for this year’s Friday Night Track Races have been posted on the Hellyer Velodrome website. Please see: http://www.ridethetrack.com/pdf/09fridaynight.pdf

For those who may be hearing about it for the first time ~ spectating at Friday Night Racing includes FREE ADMISSION, FREE FOOD, and FREE DRINKS! (please pay County Park parking fee $6)

There’s music, great racing, and ridiculously over-the-top announcing from 7 to 9:30PM’ish.. So, check out the flyer and come on down to your local Velodrome.


Please note, this year’s Friday Night Races are USAC sanctioned. You will need to have your current USAC license for registration. One-day licenses will not be available.

$20 to race (U-25 riders race for $5). Please feel free to contact promoter, Michael Hernandez (pedalhome@hotmail.com, 831.236.2091) for any questions about registering.

NEW TO THE TRACK? Want to participate in Friday Nights?

Please see opportunities to join the fun for the 2009 Friday Night Track Races:

Individuals and clubs interested in becoming more familiar with the nuts and bolts of velodrome race promotion are encouraged to contact Michael Hernandez to schedule a Friday Night Internship!!!

NCNCA Clubs – introduce your team to the track!
Is your team interested in learning more about the track? Or, do you want to showcase what a great party your crew can throw?

Cycling clubs are encouraged to contact Michael Hernandez about the possibility of co-hosting a Friday Night in 2009. Co-Hosting a Friday Night Track Race involves:

- Supplying 6+ volunteers for the evening (easy and fun stuff, such as: track gate monitors, food/drink, results posting, registration/awards)
- Provide food, drink and utensils (if necessary) for folks in the crowd. (Costs for clubs can range from $100 to $400 per night – depending on how much they’d like to contribute.)

USAC Officials - get in some Track Time!
Chief Referee, Jeff Wu will have a strong crew of working officials for each Friday Night. However, officials who wish to refresh or sharpen their track officiating skills are encouraged to contact Michael Hernandez to volunteer for Friday Night(s).

Bike Movie Makers … come and experience the thrills, the crowds, and the amazing visuals that make Friday Nights so spectacular. You are encouraged to film riders in the patio, crowds, and the racing. Please share your creations with our e-community by posting information to (ncva@googlegroups.com, hellyervelodrome@googlegroups.com, http://www.ridethetrack.com)

Thank you photographers! We’re indebted to all those wonderful folks who share their talents with us. Thanks for capturing so many great memories! And please consider joining the Hellyer Flickr group for posting your track pictures, and/or sharing links of photos with the e-communities listed above.

Are there any budding DJs out there who’d like to cut some vinyl during any of our Friday Nights? Live bands? Please contact Michael Hernandez.

Any internet entrepreneurs out there? If you have the hardware and know-how to produce a live internet broadcast from Hellyer Velodrome ~ you are most definitely invited to contact Michael Hernandez.

Thanks for spreading the word to as many as you can. This year’s Friday Night Track Races are all about the fun!

See you there,

Michael Hernandez

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