2008 Cycling Systems Racing Clinics

Racing a Bicycle is What We Want To Do

We can have the highest VO2 Max or the highest Threshold Power, but can that alone win races? That may be possible. Even with all of the power AND the inclusion of skills and tactical knowledge, Lady Luck may just play into someone else's hands. But, let's be prepared anyway!

I have designed these clinics with you in mind, to help you increase your skill learning to make you more comfortable and, hence, to go faster and to also use your brain to help affect the outcome of any particular race.

These are not lectures. They are very 'hands-on' clinics expertly designed by me to bring you to a higher level. You will not only address your physical skills and work on improving them but also the mental side that can take the game into another level entirely.

2008 Clinics:

Racing Skills Fundamentals
Location: CSU Hayward
Time: 9am-2pm

Dates: 3/22

This five hour, on-bike clinic will focus on sharpening your racing skills, making you more comfortable in the peloton with your bike handling. The end result is you get faster!

You will learn how to work effective pacelines, sharpen your cornering techniques, learn how to take the bumping in stride and how to recover from wheel touching—all elements of becoming an accomplished racer. You will come out of this clinic with the confidence needed to handle most racing situations.

NOTE: Optional one-day racing license available for additional $5.

Tactics! Tactics! Tactics!
Location: CSU Hayward
Time: 9am-2pm

Dates: 4/19

A racing licence in mandatory...NO one days are available.

Learn the art of a real paceline—the key to winning in 2008! Learn how to protect your team leader, how to be a protected leader, setting up for the finnish and how to make a successful attack that sticks. Learn the art of attacking, blocking and small group situations. Learn how to effectively drive a paceline without sacrificing all of your team.

Regardless of your teammate's fitness level, they can each be a contribution to your team. They can now be a "conductor" and drive your train. With these proven tactical moves—all it takes is a team. Individuals can also learn from this and make it work to their advantage instead of going with every move up the road. You do not have to be part of a team to learn what it takes to read a race and come out the victor. Use others to your own advantage!

Category upgrade: 5 to 4 = 5 race experiences, 4 to 3 = 3 points, 3-2 = 3 points

For Information and Registration: http://www.cyclingsystems.com and then click on the 2008 Clinics button.

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