2007 Track racing series

I believe we need to keep offering women-only omniums during the weekly "training races"next year, whichever night it happens to be. My estimate has ~33 women scoring omnium places at the Wed Nite series, yet only about 5 placed when the field consisted of mostly men. Don't many race this series primarily to earn enough upgrade points to become eligible for the Fri Nite $$ series?

Getting a field size of at least 8 would be more likely when women-only racing is offered. This would be like the "D" group a few years back, or the "C2" group this year. Often there were 10 or more women racing, but riding in different fields. Since it'd be an "open" category, the ladies who want to race in another group, should do so. Most who did that this year were already cat 3 or higher. Some women new to the track racing may already be road veterans (Eleven riders are cat 1/2 on the road, and at least 7 are cat 3 on the road). As the season progressed, more women would upgrade to cat 3 (there were only 2 who did from June on) and the womens field would have mostly cat 4. Then the Friday series could showcase women's fields as well.

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