2007 Race Scheduling meeting

The 2007 race scheduling meeting will take place on Nov. 13th. The location will in in Burlingame, most likely at the Burlingame community center, the same location as last year's meeting. The meeting will start at 7pm the same as the regular NCNCA meeting.

We will shortly have the 2007 date request form available so promoters can start sending in their date requests to Tom Simonson our calendar coordinator. Until the date request form is available promoters should start pulling together their information for next year with the date you would prefer ( also any secondary dates in case your primary date has other events who want/need that day) contact Info for the promoter or person who can deal with date scheduling issues, race name, location and any special notes about your race ( like juniors only or no Cat 4s or 5s etc).

If everyone gets their information into Tom before the meeting it will make the meeting go smoother and faster.

since we have more and more clubs interested in holding races we have more races than weekend days in our normal race season. As was the case this year we will probably have dates where more than one race will be held on the same day. with over 3,800 riders in the region there are more than enough riders to support two ( or more) races on the same day. Heck we currently have over 2,000 riders who are either Cat 4 or Cat 5 so we could have a couple of successful races on the same day that just catered to Cat 4s and 5s.

In the past one thing that has set Nor Cal apart from several other regions is the willingness of various promoters to work with each other to make for a pretty smooth scheduling process each year. Hopefully that tradition will continue again this year.

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