2007 Quad-Knopf Sequoia Classic Results and notes

Well…..a very long weekend, but a successful event was presented for racers, sponsors and both communities of Exeter and Visalia. Big time racing returned to Tulare County and we hope it is here to stay!

Our race web site, http://www.sequoiaclassic.org/, has ALL results posted. All professional and amateur time trial and criterium results are up for your upgrading enjoyment!

And as a bonus, scroll to the bottom of the home page and there will be the Action Images link. As of this writing, there are 22 pages (!!!) of time trial photos. We expect the criterium pages to be loaded sometime in the next 24 hours. The photo’s are of the ENTIRE day, not just focusing on the professional men and women.

Some worthy race notes;
- We ordered up special weather this past weekend. No rain, lots of sun to develop those special, family reunion conversation tan lines (so, you farm much?);
- The response was overwhelmingly favorable from the pro women all weekend long! “Yes, we are worthy of equal “pay for play” as the men!” OK, we’ll see how we fare next year…the women’s criterium had all the excitement and flare and top quality field as any men’s race around!
- While the pro women responded to the challenge, the amateur women….well, let’s just say that topic will go on forever. Any suggestions?
- The Visalia kids races were a great treat and a show of future cycling force;
- The Jeff Barnes Foundation (http://www.jbarnesfoundation.org/), reminded all in attendance that there is support out for those families in need;
- Oh and racer prizes…..did we mention that we do not deal in checks? Yes, all cash prizes we exactly that, cold hard green cash. There was also over $4,000 in cash and merchandise primes given at the criterium.

Without the support of the professional and amateur racers, from all over California and the world, this event would not be a successful show for our communities. Thanks to all racers for traveling to our County!

Comments/suggestions? Post them quick as our debriefing meeting and hops and barley tasting party is scheduled very soon!

We look forward to a much more successful event in 2008! Will we see you next year?

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