Warnerville Time Trial

I'm gonna Getcha!
were my last words to Steven Woo before he launched towards the foothills of Warnerville on the 20 mile out and back ITT.  And then a remark from George Meilahn stating the same to me (btw his time was 8:08, mine 8:05), and I am getting nervous knowing if he does catch me I'm doomed. And then to add to the level of competition, George does remark he will beat Steve's time.  Playfulness at the line; yes.  Suffering on the course:indeed.  A very memorable event at the Warnerville ITT.
A beautiful sunrise drive towards the foothills of the Sierra range.  Same drive as going toward Wards Ferry, but much warmer.  I was destined to do this time trial.  So curious about the rolling hills course, train tracks (which a passing train could lead to a full on stop), and rural community at a pleasant 85 degree morning.  Call me crazy, but very easy to get up at 4:00am, drive two hours and race for less than one hour, for this particular time trial.  I am sure glad I did.  Small friendly crowd of racers, beautiful, yet tough course, and very organized Velo Promo event.  I am not sure why, but my heart rate increased when the highway patrol officers arrived and then Rick shouting out for all of us to line up, the real excitement began.
It starts off with Bruce calling the time using his hand/fingers for the final 5 seconds with Rick holding onto our bikes.  An elaborate course marshal venue; at the turns, narrow bridge, train tracks and turn around point. Fairly smooth course with some expected bumps along the train tracks and bridge.  Very little traffic, and many rolling hills to feel the burn, work through the pain, increase the heart rate, and a lot of suffering along the 20 mile stretch.
Loved that uphill finish, so glad to see Bruce although I am sure my face did not show it.  George never caught me, only saw Steve once at the turn around and possibly once at a turn, for sure he was one fast rabbit.
Warnerville Time Trial is different from the others, I sure hope to see it on the calendar for 2009.  Or how about this?  ITT at Warnerville (in morning)and change name to Historic Barn House ITT, Criterium at Oakdale same afternoon, and then the Warnerville Road Race, the next day.  One epic year end Northern California stage race and fun for all.  And then afterward we could all go swimming at the river at Knights Ferry!
Laurie Fenech

Laurie, the winner


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