NCNCA Racing forum web address change

The forum has finally gotten out of beta, the new web address is Please update your links!

- text below from Bill Nicely
The forum formerly located at has been moved to our new site at If you were a user on the old site you still have the same username and password.

A couple of notes. The first phase of the new website is completed. A few more things we are planning to roll out:

1) Migrate old results (including race calendars back to 1995!).
2) Delegate administration. We are looking for volunteers to help with content.
3) Fill the calendar for discipline other than Road by workjing wioth other groups/websites (Track, Cyclocross, MTB).
4) Create a template for race team pages.
5) Tag all the races within each series.
6) Migrate additional content such as BAR/BAT (now NCNCA Point Series) rues an archived results.
7) Migrate, edit and add content such as Meeting Minutes and outdated lists.
8) More as we think of it.

I am just adding the note so everyone understands that we are only beginning, not finishing.

Please keep comments and suggestions coming as we are documenting every request and comment. This is your site. It should serve your needs.


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