March 17 - Davis Wheel Works Putah Creek (SD) Time Trial


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Info about series from Joe Santos -
It's that time of year again...time trials! Or, as it has become affectionately know as, the Putah Creek SmackDown (PCSD). The first Wednesday night TT is next week, Wednesday, March 17th at 6:00pm. This is a low key, no charge, addicting event. Do not be intimidated to come out and participate - riders range anywhere from 10 year old kids to college students on borrowed bikes to recreational triathletes/cyclists (most of us) to professional cyclists/triathletes. It is a huge range of abilities, but it is also an extremely welcoming, friendly group. So - here is the take home message - this is a great event to offer yourself a challenge without the stress of mass start racing. You are competing with yourself throughout the season.


PCSD #1 - March 17
PCSD #2 - March 31
PCSD #3 - April 14
PCSD #4 - April 28
PCSD #5 - May 12
PCSD #6 - May 26
PCSD #7 - June 9
PCSD #8 - June 23
PCSD #9 - July 7
PCSD #10 - July 21
PCSD #11 - August 4
PCSD #12 - August 18
PCSD #13 - September 1
PCSD #14 - September 15
PCSD #15 - September 29
PCSD #16 - October 13


The TT starts at 6:00pm. Try to show up by around 5:30 so you can sign up and warm up. If you cannot arrive until after the start, that is not a big deal, as we can fit you in at the end. The TT starts on Putah Creek Road, about 100m west of the intersection of Stevenson Bridge Rd and Putah Creek Rd. This is where we sign up riders as well. When waiting for your start time or after the race, please do not congregate on the road. There is plenty of room to stand off to the side where we will not block traffic. Additionally, since the road is not closed to traffic, please be sure to ride all the way to the right side of the road. Please avoid parking on Putah Creek Road and the section of Stevenson Bridge Road near the Putah Creek intersection.

Riders are sent off in 30 second intervals. At sign in, you will be assigned a number. As you come across the finish line, be sure to call out your number so we can record your time. You can get your results either after the event or wait for them to be e-mailed out.

And the final rule, especially for all you PCSD veterans...look around, and if you see someone you do not recognize introduce yourself and welcome them into your group. Bike racing has a crappy, unfriendly, unwelcoming - yet well deserved - reputation. It doesn't do anything to help our sport. The great majority of PCSD attendees have always been incredibly friendly and cordial to all riders, which I think has directly contributed to the event's success. Keep it up.

Course Description

The course is 5 miles out, has a 180 degree turnaround, and is 5 miles back. The turnaround is marked 100m ahead, and there is someone flagging riders at the turn so as not to miss it. Although deadpan flat, there is often times significant wind.


From Sacramento:

* Take I-80 west
* A few miles west of Davis, Take the PEDRICK ROAD exit, EXIT 67.
* Keep LEFT at the fork to go on SIEVERS RD/CR-436 for 2.8 miles
* Turn RIGHT onto STEVENSON BRIDGE RD for 2.8 miles

From San Francisco:

* Take I-80 east
* A couple miles east of Dixon, Take the PEDRICK ROAD exit, EXIT 67.
* Keep LEFT at the fork to go on SIEVERS RD/CR-436 for 2.8 miles
* Turn RIGHT onto STEVENSON BRIDGE RD for 2.8 miles

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